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Not sure if this needs a tw but to be safe I’ll give one anyways (for mentions of death/suicide).

ANYWAYS I thought a bunch of you could relate to this and agree that sometimes bodies are stupid.

Living with a Chronic Disease

A very good video by Hank Green in which he talks about having Ulcerative Colitis, and just generally on living with a chronic condition.

I must add that as I’ve just passed my five year anniversary of my diagnosis, I’ve realized that he’s right to say that it becomes a new normal. I am much more aware of my body and how my conditions are not me, but simply a part of me. To all newly diagnosed or undiagnosed people who read this, it will get easier with time.

In which you get to see me be awkward. I want to hug all of you omg. Anyways, it’s short and really quiet because everyone else is asleep but…yeah.





This is absolutely ridiculous. And no, I haven’t watched it all the way through yet - I’m at about 5 minutes in right now - so I can’t say if it’s worth it to watch it all the way through, but it probably is.

I can honestly say I am ashamed of our education system at this point.

This absolutely sickens me. It hits really close to home, too— I’m a member of the New Jersey Public School system. I also have 8 year old cousins, whom I love dearly, who are autistic. One has problems communicating, and it scares me to death to think that something like this could be happening to him, and we’d have no way of knowing. 

As an adult with autism I started crying about two and a half minutes in
This is really close to home for me

This isn’t neopets related at all but I feel like people should see this so I’m posting this here

I can’t

It’s so rare to see someone who’s such a good parent in the autistic community it really is.

People might not think that some of the things these adults did were ‘serious’ but you know what, it IS serious. Failing to uphold an agreed behavioural plan and lying to a child’s parents because you know he can’t tell them that you yelled at and demeaned him for behaviours that are out of his control is serious. Telling a frightened child that he will not be allowed to see his father again and then laughing at him while he cries is extremely fucking serious. Calling a ten year old with a learning difficulty ‘a bastard’ because you know he can’t tell anyone is very, very fucking serious.

And allowing someone to do those things, colluding with them to avoid punishment, is EXACTLY as serious.

People who bully children, any children, SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO WORK WITH CHILDREN, and you cannot tell me that the reason this was ignored isn’t because these children had disabilities because I’m sorry, that’s almost certainly what it is. 

i had to reblog this

I know this is a humor blog and this isn’t a humorous video, but please take the time to watch it all the same. Sign the petition here.

Stuff Healthy People Say To Sick People

Guys look what I found.


“Disabled access is a Dalek conspiracy.”

It’s true; we’re helping them take over the world.